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Low cost Flights

“Flying Low-Cost wastes time.”

Low-Cost websites are so quick and easy to use. You instantly browse and book. None of the to-ing & fro-ing you can have on the phone to your Travel Agent. Check-in takes no longer than traditional economy class. Some Low-Cost Airlines even let you take all your bags into the cabin, so Check-in is quicker, and you don’t do Baggage Reclaim on arrival.

“I need Punctuality!”

Time is money! Low-Cost Airlines know it. That’s why they close check-in promptly, and won’t wait for latecomers. It’s also why some allow you take all your baggage with you into the cabin. Not because it saves you time at the carousel, but because they save time & expense on baggage handling. As a result, the best Low-Cost Airlines are amongst the most punctual in Europe.

“I need convenient Flight Times”

Many routes now have more Low-Cost Flights than Traditional. Don’t assume. Arm yourself with information!

“Low-Cost Airlines don’t fly to Major Airports”

Some do & some don’t. This is one of the Low-Cost Airlines’ strengths, Choice! Remember, not all your clients are clustered conveniently around major airports. How many times have you taken an onward flight, train or hire car to get to your destination? You may well have been able to take a single, direct Low-Cost Flight, saving you hundreds of pounds, hours of travel, and maybe even a hotel bill. If only you’d known!

“Flying Low-Cost gives you a “Cheap” Image”

Okay, I confess, when I first started using Low Cost Flights, I used to hide the fact. Then I realised how many of my fellow passengers were people like me and my clients, small – medium Business Owners. These guys accept, and even expect that cost-effective Professionals fly Low-Cost where it makes sense. You impress these guys by meeting them on Low-Cost Flights!